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Lands End, Faye Fleming Geneva

Faye Fleming & Partner, Geneva
3 December 2009 to 6 February 2010

‘Lands End (Community)’, 2008-9

‘Lands End (Flowergirl)’, 2008

‘Lands End (Flaskhead)’, 2008

‘Lands End (Community)’ (detail, ‘Golden Couple’), 2008-9

‘Lands End (Community)’ (detail ‘Seated Flowergirl’), 2008-9

‘Lands End (Community)’ (detail, ‘Tigervase’), 2008-9

Installation view

‘Nest (Bananabird)’, ‘Nest (Landing Parrot)’, 2009

‘Nest (Stocking Parrots)’, 2008

‘Nest (Bananabird)’, 2009

‘Nest (Black Pheasant)’, 2008

‘Nest (Black Pheasant)’ (detail), 2008

‘Nest (Turquoise Loops)’ (detail), 2009

An evolving body of work which was reconfigured, added to and re-worked into a series of large scale installations.

Photos: Annik Wetter, courtesy of Faye Fleming & Partner