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Born 1971, Ipswich, UK
Lives and works in Birmingham, UK

Selected Exhibitions and Projects

Other activity

  • 2011
    • Artist Maker, Eastside Projects, Birmingham (ongoing)

  • 2016–2023
    • Artist Maker, STEAMhouse, Birmingham

  • 2007
    • Company Director, Eastside Projects, Birmingham (ongoing)

  • 2007–2008
    • Visiting Lecturer, BA Fine Art, Nottingham Trent University

  • 2004–2011
    • Lecturer, BA Art & Design, Birmingham City University

  • 2002–2004
    • Lecturer, Art and Design Foundation, Birmingham City University

  • 1996–2004
    • Sculpture Technician, School of Art, Birmingham City University

  • 1994–1995
    • Sculpture Technician, Fine Art Department, Nottingham Trent University

Texts, Reviews and Publications

  • 2023
    • Review 'Horror in the Modernist Block', Tom Elmer, Art Monthly 464, March 2023

  • 2012
    • ‘Artists Postcards, A Compendium’, Jeremy Cooper. Pub Reaktion Books

  • 2011
    • Review, 'Synthetic Worlds', Katie Kitamura, Frieze July/August

      Review, 'House of Beasts', Charlotte Cripps, The Independent, 8th July

      Review, 'Versions and Diversions', Matt Packer, Source Magazine, Issue 68

  • 2010
    • Review, 'Dawnbreakers', a-n magazine, September

      Feature, 'Wonders of Weston', Front Row. Radio 4, 06/08

  • 2009
    • ‘Collective 1984–2009’. Pub. Revolver VVV and Collective Gallery, Edinburgh

      'Looking Back : Emerging Artists', nominated by Mike Stanley. Frieze, Jan/Feb

  • 2008
    • ‘Ruth Claxton: Lands End’. Texts by Sally O’Reilly, Jonathon Watkins and Marie Anne Mcquay. Pub. IKON Gallery, Birmingham
      ‘Fragiles’. Pub. De Gestalten Verlag
      ‘Furnish’. Pub. De Gestalten Verlag
      Front cover and artists story. a-n magazine , October

      Review, 'Lands End, IKON Gallery', Barry Schwabsky, Art Forum, Sept

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  • 2007
    • Article, 'Ruth Claxton', Anne Mulrooney, Total:Spec, Sept

      'Legerdemains', Artists Project, Magic Issue. Cabinet Magazine

  • 2006
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  • 2005
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  • 2004
    • ‘Ruth Claxton: I thought I was the Audience and then I looked at You’, text by Helen Legg. Pub. University of Essex

  • 2003
    • ‘East International’, text by Lynda Morris, catalogue. Pub. Norwich Gallery
      ‘Mostyn 13’. Pub. Oriel Mostyn, Llandudno

      Review, 'East International', Sotiris Kyriacou, Contemporary, issue 56

      Review, 'East International', Dan Smith, Art Monthly, September

      Review, 'Wunderkammer', Simon Webb, Metro, 08/04