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Eastside Projects

Artist-run Multiverse

Company Director 2008–current, Artist Maker 2011–current

A view of Emii Alrai's large scale installation the Courtship of Giants. Two large turquoise sculptures coloured with copper oxide sit on large stands like large historical artefacts in museums. They are punctured with steel arrows. They sit inside a large maze made of layers of plaster, clay, straw and cardboard interspersed with woven elements.

'Courtship of Giants', Emii Alrai 2022. Co-curated with Gavin Wade

A large silk painting hands from a steel loop in the centre of Eastside Projects largest gallery. The paintings are brightly coloured and combine images, patterned panels and texts which ask questions like "What is the human experience". In the background you can see a bookcase by Martino Gamper and hanging fluorescent lights which are part of a functional artwork by Gavin Wade.

'When Screens Break', Emma Talbot 2020. Co-curated with Gavin Wade

'The Yellow Wallpaper', Lindsey Mendick 2020. Co-curated with Gavin Wade.

'Production Show' 2016. Co-curated with Gavin Wade

'Birmingham Show' 2015. Co-curated with Gavin Wade

'Sculpture Show' 2009. Co-curated with Gavin Wade

Eastside Projects is an artist-run multiverse based in a free public gallery in Birmingham. We say multiverse because ‘organisation’ or ‘space’ are not enough. We mean that we imagine Eastside Projects as a process, as a place where multiple narratives and experiences coexist, where we make visible an evolving set of possible realities.

We commission artists, make art, think-in-public, curate exhibitions, programme events, work alongside communities, build relationships, create production facilities, support artists, produce public art projects, generate and apply research, develop talent, train artist-curators, and imagine new realities.

Eastside Projects is an evolving process. We believe in working alongside others towards change and do so to support Birmingham. Our programming aims to build active communities of interest who contribute and co-produce, rather than simply consume culture. Since 2008 we have brought world-class art to our city, now we want to build a constellation of collaborators who, with us, will explore and expand the role of the artist in public life & support our city and its citizens.

Together we make art.

I am Artist Maker at Eastside Projects, was one of six founding directors, and have been working alongside Artist Curator Gavin Wade to lead the organisation since 2011.