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'Postcard' (Barber series) 2008

'Postcard' (Hercules and Deianira) 2008

'Postcard (Portrait of a Boy) 2008 (Barber series)

Postcards (Double woman of the Hofer family) 2011

Postcard (Double Saint Sebastien) 2011

Postcard (Retrato de una Infanta) 2011

Postcard (Margaret, la mujer del pintor) 2011

Postcard (La Carta Amorosa) 2011

Postcard (Girl In Mourning) 2011

'Postcard' (Two peasants binding faggots) 2008

'Postcard (Madonna and Child with St John the Baptist)' 2008 (Barber series)

'Postcard (A Milkmaid)' 2008 (Barber series)

'Postcard' (Ecce Homo) 2008

'Postcard' (Barber series) 2008

'Postcard' (Portrait of a Boy II) 2008

Works from this series have been included in numerous exhibitions including solo projects at Nottingham Contemporary (2011), the Barber Institute, Birmingham (2008) and Ingleby Gallery, Edinburgh (2008) and group shows including 'Versions and Diversions' at Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin (2011), 'Drawing Links' at The Drawing Room, London (2006), 'What is Comprehension?' Strategic Questions, Venice (2007), 'Rift' at Baltic 39, Newcastle (2014), 'Found' at the New Art Gallery Walsall (2015), and 'ISelf collection: Bumped Bodies' at the Whitechapel Gallery, London (2018).

Photos: Stuart Whipps & James Langdon, Alex Bailey, Ruth Claxton